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Please fill out the form below to request to volunteer. We will confirm we have space and then email you another form asking for more information and a USD $20 deposit to confirm your place.

If you do not pay the deposit we can’t guarantee we will have space, so please check your email address is correct.

2022/23 Volunteering Availability


No space available!


No space available!


Limited Spaces available from 22nd


Spaces available.


Spaces available.



Care and time spent with monkeys.

General cleaning of the house and grounds.
Helping with visitors to the island.
Planting and harvesting fruit and vegetables.

Are there any projects that could benefit the monkeys that you want to do while you are here? We’re all ears.

We Provide


A comfortable bed in our island house.

Private or shared accommodation (dependent on volunteer numbers).

Rooms are enclosed and the separate bathroom has a cold water shower and flushing toilets.

Linens, pillow, towel and mosquito net.

To Bring from Iquitos

Insect Repellant – Most repellants contain chemicals which are harmful to monkeys. We ask that you don’t wear any during the day when interacting with the monkeys however bring some to use in the evenings when mosquitos are most prominent.

Head Torch

Laundry detergent or laundry bar

Snacks or specific dietary requirements

Zip lock / resealable bags

Work clothing (especially long pants and long shirts)

Sturdy shoes for outside work

Flip flops for inside and around the center

“Wear cheap clothes that you can throw away.

Never leave exposed skin, you won’t believe how fierce mosquitoes are until you have that experience! Cover your skin.

You can bring your own wellingtons (gumboots) but they have spares too.

Your diet will mostly be rice, eggs, chicken, beans and fish. I brought some candy, but maybe you should bring some instant noodles or cookies if you need more energy.”

Danny Hughes – Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions


We have no power on the island. We have a generator that we run in the evenings which can be used to charge phones, cameras etc.
If you have a battery pack for your phone it is a good idea to bring this charged as well.

Cellphone Coverage

There is no wifi, but there is cellphone coverage near the centre with Bitel. All other operators only work at the point of the island. You can buy a chip (sim card) cheaply in Iquitos if you need.

Bugs and bites

Due to the hands on nature of working with the monkeys you can’t wear mosquito repellant during the day as it can be harmful to their skin. You can wear human baby repellant or natural oils.

Izango is manageable with rubbing alcohol and long trousers.


There have never been any cases of rabies on the island.
It is recommend to get rabies shot in any case. Stray dogs are the main culprits of rabies and are common throughout PerĂº.


There are lots of mosquitos in the Amazon however we have not had any reported cases of malaria on the island. For the most up to date information, please check the WHO.

Water Levels

Just so you know, depending on what time of year you arrive we may have no water in the river OR it may be lapping our deck. This is the changing life on the Amazon and we hope you enjoy it! The river is perfect to jump in and cool down during the heat of the day.


If you need any extras during your stay our nearest shops are in Mazan, which is an (approximately) 2 hour round trip.

Projects during your say

Before arriving on the island, have a think about what projects you are passionate about and what skills you have. We are always looking for great ideas for the monkeys or how to improve the experience for all of our visitors.

We ask that volunteers get involved with the tasks assigned during your stay. These include feeding and spending time with our monkeys, general cleaning of the areas in and around the centre, keeping the grounds clean and helping wherever you are capable.


The amazing food we prepare uses Amazon grown ingredients in a traditional Peruvian style. We serve breakfast, lunch and a dinner snack with coffee, tea and juice. We also sell soft drinks and beer when available.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know on your application.

Amazon Environment

Monkey Island is covered in rejuvenated Amazon forest and is teeming with bird, insect and monkey life. This means you will most likely encounter a few creepy crawlies during your stay. With appropriate clothing and care it is safe in and around the grounds and our team are always here to help.

You may want to bring Antihistamines, rubbing alcohol or other remedies for small bites from ants, Izango or mosquitos.

Our Rooms

Our volunteer accommodation is in our main house. All of the comfortable beds have pillows, linen and a mosquito net. We have 2 bed and 3 bed rooms.

Our bathrooms are separated into male and female and are clean and tidy. There is a shower and flushing toilet, however we try to conserve all the water we can on the island and if the water is high enough you can swim in the river!

Depending on the number of volunteers, you may need to share a room with another person.