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Education is freedom and through our outreach we strive to contribute to shared knowledge about these amazing animals. Through our education centre on the island we are able to pass on what we know and take this information to local communities and leaders. Our founder and our local staff all grew up in the jungle and can provide information and locations for study or documentation.

Classroom Content

Our education centre features island information and posters on the New World Monkey species we have on the island.

Click on the posters to preview them and use the download link if you would like A3 sized versions to print. You will need to download the poster to view it in full.

Please credit the island in any reproduction you do and contact us to share what you have done with them.

Please note: Although translated by Spanish and English speakers, there may be a few small mistakes. Please e-mail with any changes you see.

Please note: We no longer have Red Uakari on the island as they have been released with a wild troop.

Although translated by Spanish and English speakers, there may be a few small mistakes. Please e-mail with any changes you see.

Community Outreach

Within a few kilometres of the island are several small Amazonian Pueblos with many schools and communities. Education about the environment they live in is important, however it is only a small part of our challenge.

Through our work on the island we are able to share knowledge and new ideas to build stronger, more sustainable communities. Supporting our island also helps many local people to live a life in harmony with their environment.

Study / Research Projects

Research Students / Study Centres / Zoos

Our island contains 7 species of New World Monkey living in free environments. Our smaller species (Titi Monkey, Marmosets and Tamarins) have all been rescued however now live wild in family groups within defined home boundaries throughout the island. All groups have had offspring within the last six months.

We also have other local forests that have been repopulated with other species such as Red Howler monkeys living truly wild.

For more information or to speak with us more about your idea please contact us.

Film on Monkey Island

Seldomly will you get the chance to interact and be so close to New World monkeys and three toed sloths as you can be on La Isla de los Monos.

We can also introduce you to other rescue centres and our local guides are able to help you find wild groups as well.



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