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In August 1997 the 450 hectares of land that Monkey Island sits on was donated by the Peruvian government for use as a Monkey sanctuary. The first eight years were spent rejuvenating the island by planting over 70 species of trees and fruit, and we continue to work constantly to expand the diversity of the island habitat. Now full of fauna and flora, we strive to create a self sustaining environment for the monkeys to live free.

To date we have released over 200 monkeys in to the forest!

gilberto founder of la isla de los monos with saki monkey on his shoulder

Our Care


The animal trade in Peru continues to displace baby monkeys from their mothers in the name of souvenirs, trophies and meat. Any monkeys we receive are first quarantined and checked by a vet to understand their condition and treated as required. We feed all babies essential nutrients they lack without their mother’s milk and through being kept in poor conditions in peoples homes.


Once they are fit enough we introduce the monkey to the island and integrate them with our existing monkey family. For younger monkeys we must spend our time building their strength, trust and confidence while letting them live in a cage free environment.


The Monkey Island has many priorities and this is a top one!
When we receive or raise monkeys that are old and strong enough to be released we need to do it properly and as the law requires.

Releasing monkeys requires many months closely studying the habitat for sustainability and suitability. The procedure is expensive and we do not have enough resources to release all of the monkeys. It is for this reason that we turn to you. To ask for your help to fulfil our purpose, as we want to see these animals in their habitat and not in a cage.