Adopt a Monkey: Mocha

$115.00 / 6 months

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In stock


Meet: ‘Mocha’

Golden Tamarin / Pichico

  • Approximate birth: Late 2015
  • Sex: Female
  • History: Mocha was being kept as a pet in a local village but was becoming too much of a handful and was brought to the centre.
  • Personality: Mocha is very playful and will jump on peoples legs, shoulders, she bouces around at the speed of light! Mocha plays with all of the monkeys, including the larger ones, sometimes it seems like she is losing terribly but loves it and can get away if she wants to! Mocha does not get along with the wild Saddleback Tamarins and they will harass her as she is different, so you are her troop!


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