Welcome to La Isla de Los Monos

We are open!

You can take a fast boat from Puerto de Productores (Producers Port) and tell the driver that you wish to get off at La Isla de Los Monos. 

You will see a walkway to the center, walk 20 mins (approx) through the jungle to arrive.

To return to Iquitos you can take a small boat (peque peque) from the center to Indiana and from here take the fast boat back to Iquitos.

The cost per person

Fast Boat: S/25.00 each way

Small Boat: S/10.00

Island entrance: S/25 Peruvians | S/. 30 foreigners

Please donate to help us care for the monkeys

As you know we rely on visitors and volunteers to support our rescue centre and fund the care of the monkeys. As we had to close our doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are worried about being able to pay for everything the monkeys need.

We ask at this time, if you are able to, to donate to our cause for food and supplies for the monkeys. We want to make sure they are not affected by this situation and are still given the chance at life they deserve.

You can donate on PayPal using: [email protected]

Thank you for anything you can spare to help, with love from the now greatly reduced team at La Isla de los Monos 💚🐒

Volunteer With Us

Come and join us for the experience of a lifetime!

There’s still a lot of work to do and we’re looking for volunteers that would like to be a member of our team and work hand-in-hand with us.⁣
Our doors are open to receive people who want to come and live a unique experience, work and live together with different kind of monkeys in the middle of the jungle.⁣

The requirements are:⁣
Minimum stay: 2 weeks)⁣
Being older than 18 years old (+18)⁣
Having a medical certificate, indicating you don’t have coronavirus or herpes)⁣
Filling in the application form you’ll find in our web page www.laisladelosmonos.org⁣

The volunteering fee is US$500.00 for two weeks.

This includes your stay and food.⁣

Will open in Google Sheets

Spending your days with monkeys on our pristine island located on the banks of the Amazon river, surrounded by jungle life.

No experience required! Just bring your passion and excitement for animal care.

Your duties will include feeding, caring for, and spending time with our monkeys around our center. You will also help with the upkeep of our house, garden and work on improvement projects.